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April 1, 2019 | Volume 14

Coming Soon: New CoalfireOne Platform

Welcome to Quarter 2!

The CoalfireOne Scanning Services Team is excited to announce that our new and improved CoalfireOne Scans platform will be going live on April 3, 2019. So far, we’ve hosted our first round of webinar walkthroughs of the platform and have gotten great feedback and enthusiasm.

As we mentioned previously, we will migrate all client data from the current platform to the new one in three phases. Our pilot phase one list is now full, and we will begin migrating the data for those clients once the portal goes live.

If you prefer to be migrated during the remaining phases, please email us at, and we’ll add you to the list of your choice. If you do not have a preference, we will simply add you to a phasing list and send you notifications once we have begun migrating your account data.

In the meantime, you can continue to run your scans as normal. The current platform will still be available and running until we have migrated all client data successfully and resolved any unforeseen issues. However, once your account has been migrated, the old platform can only be used to retrieve reports for old scans.

Interested in making your migration process run more smoothly?
We are asking that all clients please log into the current platform and do the following:

  • Clean up targets that are no longer in scope, have been decommissioned, etc.
  • Review and clean up any idle or disabled scan schedules
  • Administrators on the account will need to remove any inactive users
  • Ensure contact information within the account is up to date

What happens during the migration phases?

  • Clients will receive notification from the CoalfireOne Scanning Services Team about upcoming data migration to the new platform
  • Coalfire will pull the company profile, hosts, scan schedules, and users from the current platform and migrate them over to the new platform. Note: Larger clients may require more processing time
  • Note: Data migration is not perfect; therefore, clients should double check all information imported into the new platform and add any missing data

Once we have completed the phase one migration, our team will assess and identify appropriate timelines to migrate the remaining data. Please stay tuned and be sure to review all emailed notifications for more details as we move forward. Thank you for your support and interest in our new CoalfireOne scanning platform.

Have a question about CoalfireOne?

The CoalfireOne Scanning Services Team is ready to help. M-F: 6 AM-6 PM MT
650-597-4510 |

Did you know?

  • Per PCI guidelines, disputes can be accepted for a period no longer than 90 days. CoalfireOne has a “Disputes by Vulnerability” option to lighten the load of submitting disputes from quarter to quarter.
  • Timely dispute response. Once a dispute is submitted, you will receive information if the dispute has been accepted or rejected within 5 business days. If the disputes have been rejected, a detailed explanation will be provided by a CoalfireOne representative.

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Friendly Reminders

Scan at least Monthly

Vulnerabilities are discovered every day. Coalfire recommends you to run automatic scans at least monthly, so you’ll always have the current vulnerability information for your hosts. This also allows those who complete ASV scans to identify vulnerabilities on hosts sooner, allowing for time to remediate before the end of the 90-day period.

Training and Help section

Need a refresher on how to submit a dispute or maybe how to provide evidence? Look no further! Coalfire provides user guides as well as training videos on various functions within CoalfireOne.

You can find the Training and Help Section by clicking here. 

CoalfireOne standard maintenance windows:

Every other Monday
4-6:30 PM PT

Every Thursday
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