Best Practices: Cybersecurity

Perspective by Rick Dakin, CEO, Coalfire

Coalfire is an Executive Member of Silicon Flatirons, an interdisciplinary research center at the University of Colorado Law School. One of Silicon Flatirons' core missions is to elevate the debate surrounding technology policy issues, and one such issue is Cybersecurity. Earlier this year, we participated in a Roundtable on Cybersecurity and played a key role in developing their report. The report is now available to the general public and we highly recommend it.

We believe that the report is a thoughtful and unbiased paper that contemplates the interrelated roles of government and the private sector in protecting our nation's critical infrastructure. This report does a good job in framing the issues and mapping out a logical path forward.

The next step in this process is to get this paper out to your legislative contacts and provide it to other organizations that can influence legislation.  The legislative process is at a cross roads. Some leaders do not want to impose any new burdens on the commercial entities that own and run our critical infrastructure.  Others think this approach is too risky and support a broader risk management program that analyzes threats, shares information with intelligence sources and drives action to mitigate those risks.  Via our work with the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies, Coalfire is an active participant in the discussion.  We encourage you to participate as well.

We all have the same goal -- protecting critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks. Let’s work together to find solutions that make it possible for the private sector and government entities to cooperate and make cyberspace more secure.