Coalfire Certificates: Proof of a Job Well Done

by Chris Lietz, VP, Marketing & Channels, Coalfire

Last month many of us had the pleasure of attending commencement ceremonies. Such events are proud moments for both graduates and those that love and support these graduates – names are called, hands are shaken, diplomas are handed out – and we heartily cheer the graduates for a job well done.

At Coalfire, we think our clients deserve a little recognition as well.  That’s why we have introduced the brand new Coalfire Certificate Program.

Coalfire certificates are proof-positive that information technology controls have been independently scanned, assessed or validated in accordance with the highest industry standards. Certificates are available in either print or online form, and can be created for all common standards, including PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, FedRAMP and GLBA.  When customers and business partners see the Coalfire seal, they’ll know that you’ve done your job; and when they click on the seal, they’ll be directed to a Coalfire page that verifies the facts and provides them with the evidence they need to manage their own security programs.

There are three different certificate levels:

  • Scanned - Declares that you have maintained 'clean' external vulnerability scans using our NavisTM Rapid Scan service. This is often requested by our customers who have e-commerce or other customer-facing websites.
  • Assessed - Announces that Coalfire has advised and assisted you in your internal controls assessment. This is frequently used by customers that complete self assessments.
  • Validated - Affirms that Coalfire has completed a full assessment, documented our findings and signed off on the audit report, in accordance with industry best practices.

To get your certificate, fill out this form or contact your assessor or sales representative. We’ll verify the details of our work together, issue the seal and send you a piece of Javascript code that applies the seal to your site. So, just as with the new graduates, we encourage you to take a bow, smile and proudly display your Coalfire certificate. You’ve earned it.