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Built by NCR, validated by Coalfire

NCR and Coalfire have been working together for years.

Security and compliance are board-level concerns. Several years ago, Radiant selected Coalfire as its exclusive Payment Application Qualified Security Assessor (PA-QSA).  Now that NCR and Radiant have joined forces, that relationship continues.  Coalfire has come to know NCR solutions better than anyone else, and that’s why so many NCR customers pick Coalfire as their PCI QSA: they know that they will get an accurate and cost-effective compliance report.

All major NCR solutions are Validated by Coalfire

  • Advanced Checkout Solution (ACS) – Food and drug
  • NCR Cinema Suite – Theatre venues
  • Radiant Point of Sale (RPOS) – Convenience stores
  • NCR Aloha Suite – Restaurants
  • Counterpoint – General Retail
  • NCR Venue Manager – Sports stadiums
  • NCR Enterprise Manager – Hospitality bars and clubs
  • Additional details can be found by clicking here

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Shared Clients

Data security and PCI compliance are important topics to these companies, and they have saved money and reduced risk by working with NCR and Coalfire.

Hospitality (Aloha)

Convenience (RPOS)