Information Security for Higher Education Institutions

Maintaining network and data security in any large organization is a major challenge for information systems departments. However, in the higher education environment, the protection of IT assets and sensitive information must be balanced with the need for ‘openness’ and academic freedom; making this a more difficult and complex task.

Reading, Writing and Widespread Cyber Threat

Cyber criminals know the value of higher education. Hackers can gain valuable access to everything from students’, staff and alumni's social security numbers and financial information; as well as target intellectual property and patent information held by university research staff. Adding to this complexity, students arrive on campus with their own personal computers, gaming systems, and other devices that they use to connect to the university network. Many of those devices are infected with malware, which can easily be connected to the institution’s network.

Higher Education = Higher Complexity

Coalfire is a leader in managing the complex risk environment on campuses around the world. Our cyber risk management and compliance solutions take into consideration:

  • Multiple campuses
  • Numerous buildings
  • Hundreds of network switches and servers
  • Thousands of users
  • A diverse set of merchants

For the safety of the school and the students, higher education institutions must implement a complex approach that combines awareness, detection, diagnosis and mitigation of cyberattacks.