Proven Public Sector Cybersecurity Solutions

In order to provide timely and accurate services, federal, state, and local government agencies along with countless public sector organizations, process vast amounts of data and sensitive personal information. Just as these agencies are facing growing pressure to operate more effectively and efficiently, they are confronted with an increasing number of governance, risk, and compliance regulations that hinder their day-to-day operations. These entities are struggling to find ways to function smoothly and provide a secure environment for the sensitive data they require to operate.

Preventing Cyber Attacks on Government Information

A single virus-infected email; one unauthorized network access; a solitary line of unsecure code within an application or the individual loss of a laptop with unencrypted data is all it takes to put national secrets and municipal services at risk. Preventing cyber attacks begins with broad cyber risk management strategies designed around specific controls vulnerabilities.

Increased scrutiny and the exposure of data breaches by some state and local governments have made IT security policies a top priority for government and public sector organizations at every level.

Cyber Risk Solutions for Technology Vendors

Private enterprises serving government and state agencies need to be upheld to the same information management practices and standards as the organizations they serve. Coalfire has more than a decade of experience helping companies navigate increasing complex governance and risk standards for public institutions and their IT vendors.