SeaPort-e is the U.S. Navy’s MAC vehicle for acquiring support services in 22 functional areas, including:

  • Information Technology and Security
  • Engineering
  • Financial Management
  • Program Management

As a prime awardee under the Seaport-e vehicle, we are available to provide a wide range of support services to eligible procuring agencies. Coalfire Federal is approved for performance in geographical Zone 1 (Northeast) and Zone 2 (National Capital).


Quality Control (QC) is a key facet of our project management methodology that provides:

  • Repeatable processes
  • Trained personnel
  • Attention to performance and delivery
  • Milestone reporting
  • Measurable contract cost control

We have implemented the CMMI at Maturity Level 2 and invested in certifications and registrations that reflect our commitment to technical proficiency and quality at the corporate and individual level to meet customers’ needs.

Quality Control Group

Our team includes a designated Quality Control Group (QCG) comprised of the Project Manager (PM), Task Leads, and team peer reviewers who perform initial and scheduled QC of deliverables and services in accordance with performance standards and objectives. QCG conducts quality reviews of each major deliverable and service activity prior to client delivery in accordance with the standards in the Quality Control Plan (QCP).

Responsive Customer Service

We prioritize responsive customer service by identifying dedicated lines of authority and communication dictated in the PMP and task order management plans (TOMPs). All client stakeholders have single points of contact for coordination and customer support.

Contract- and Task-Level Activity Coordination

Our Quality Assurance Program coordinates activities at the contract and task level to provide contract management and oversight, timely delivery of work products, and adherence to project schedule, objectives, and standards.

Contract Level

Our PM has total authority over the contract and coordinates with U.S. Navy contract staff to plan broad program level activities. Task Order Managers work with the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) and government Program Managers to coordinate and plan day-to-day activities, manage deadlines, and work products.

Task Order Level

At the task order level, our Task Order Managers 

  • develop a Task Order QCP, 
  • establish monitoring metrics for tasks, 
  • implement quality management processes as defined by the QCG, 
  • coordinate with government stakeholders to define objectives and standards, 
  • and conduct periodic Quality Assurance reviews.

Our approach to Quality Assurance drives success on Navy SeaPort tasks and ensures continued support to procuring agencies.

Points of Contact

Customer Satisfaction

Kate Tennant
Director of Quality Assurance

SeaPort Program

Sean Finnegan
Director of Government Programs