Certificate Verification

Organization:  MoneyMovers
Coalfire Verified
Certificate Verified: 8/20/2017
Security Standards: PCI DSS

Organization listed above has received 'clean' external vulnerability scans via CoalfireOne℠ services. If the “PCI DSS” standard is shown, scans have been performed in accordance with Coalfire’s credentials as an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) of the PCI Security Standards Council.

Legal Disclaimer: The Organization listed above has engaged Coalfire in its information security program in accordance with commonly accepted best practices. If the “scan” certificate is displayed, no significant vulnerabilities were found as of the last successful scan date. In all circumstances, the Organization acknowledges and agrees that any outcome of such scan, assessment or validation effort is a point-in-time examination. Coalfire makes no representations, warranties or claims of any kind, regarding the information or service provided or the Organization’s business activities or operations. In addition, Coalfire does not guarantee that the Organization’s web site or systems are immune from hackers or secure from either an internal or external attack, that any data is free from risk of being compromised, or that any data stored on the Organization’s systems or site is safe, and Coalfire is in no way responsible for the security of or use of any of the information stored on a scanned site.