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Coalfire Labs, the technical business unit of Coalfire Systems, provides services that allow our clients to gain a deep understanding of the effectiveness of their security controls at all levels: across networks, applications, embedded devices, and people.

Our highly skilled professionals combine best of breed assessment technology with unmatched analysis capabilities. Our technical staff works as a team to ensure your organization receives the highest quality service. Continue reading to find out more about Coalfire Labs' Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics, and Application Security teams.

Penetration Testing and Social Engineering

Our Penetration Testing team provides a wide range of services to emulate the greatest threats to your business. These services include:

  • Internal, External, and Web Application Penetration Tests
  • Social Engineering, Phishing, and Physical Security Assessments.
  • Mobile Application Penetration Tests
  • Appliance / Embedded System Lab Testing

Whether its a network, appliance, or a person, our Penetration Testing team can help find your weakest link and help remediate the problem to protect you entire organization. We perform real world tests and approach testing from the perspective of the adversary to provide your organization deep insight into your security posture.

Digital Forensics

The Digital Forensics team provides clients with the capability to analyze their digital media for evidence of files and interests. Our forensics team can provide:

Using industry leading tools, Coalfire's Digital Forensics team can capture and preserve evidence, perform deep analysis, and provide answers to the critical questions - Who did it? How did it happen? When did it happen? What was compromised?

Application Security

The Application Security team ensures your applications are designed to meet the security needs of your organization and the regulatory requirements you may be facing at any point in your development lifecycle. Our services include:

  • Code Review
  • SDLC Architecture / Consultation
  • Threat Modeling
  • Secure Coding Practice Training
  • Standards / Regulatory Validation Services - PCI, HIPAA, DEA, FDA

Coalfire's secure lab provides our analysts the tools and capabilities for deep technical application assessment work.

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