Employees Speak Up About Their Mobile Devices in the Office

And what it means for BYOD security

July, 2012 - By Mike Weber and Christopher Lietz, Coalfire

“Bring Your Own Device” is a megatrend in the workplace. It’s an exciting development for increasingly mobile and interconnected employees, but also a new challenge for IT security teams. Gone are the days where security professionals can lock down a finite set of machines and facilities; instead, they must manage an ever-growing, ever-changing landscape of employees, devices and applications; many of which have access to information that needs to be protected.

At Coalfire, we conduct thousands of IT audits every year across an array of industries and compliance mandates. And in the course of doing those audits, we are seeing more and more IT security leaders put policies and controls in place that are aimed at mobile devices. That’s good, but is their message getting through to the users?

To help answer this question. Coalfire conducted an informal survey of approximately 400 users (no IT or IT security professionals were included). We asked them about the devices themselves, how they used them, and if they understood the security policies in place to protect the data that resides on the devices.

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