Archived Webinar: In-House HIPAA – Pros & Cons

Marvin Reader of Coalfire addresses the pros and cons of in-house HIPAA compliance.

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Saving Lives and Protecting Data

Organizations face the daily challenge of providing quality healthcare while complying with an increasingly complex threat landscape and regulatory environment. The risk of a data breach is no longer limited to the organization itself. Healthcare organizations are now responsible for the data security oversight of their business associates and subcontractors, too.


With electronic health records and enterprise-wide integrated information systems, healthcare providers must actively assess and manage the risk associated with their patients’ health and their protected health information.

Business associates and subcontractors

The most sweeping change under the final Omnibus Rule is the expansion of the obligations of business associates to include both direct liability under the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, and the obligation to enforce these rules with respect to their subcontractors. Consequently, the risk they face for not fully understanding and complying with the requirements is high.


Under the final Rule, healthcare payers must find ways to manage risk and improve the efficiency of their business operations while meeting the demands of an increasing number of stakeholders - including members, employers, investors, and regulators.

Coalfire Can Help

Coalfire is a nationally recognized leader in HIPAA compliance with thousands of assessments for healthcare organizations. We have the resources, tools and services to help you assess, maintain and securely exchange HIPAA compliance data. We offer a full suite of IT GRC services designed to improve your security posture and protect the data under your care. For healthcare organizations of every size, we provide a proactive, balanced and integrated approach to risk management.































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