Understand Cyber Threats to Health Information

The healthcare industry now has the attention of cyber criminals, bringing data breaches at healthcare organizations to endemic levels. Healthcare information protection must be a priority at every level of an organization. Organizations must also understand the entire threat landscape so they can implement comprehensive, ongoing, enterprise-wide cyber risk management strategies.

A Disturbing Diagnosis

The push to digitize healthcare through such things as electronic health records, connected medical endpoints and health information exchanges has made sensitive medical and personal data an easy target for sophisticated cyber criminals.

A health record is worth up to 10 times the value of a financial record on the black market. A single data breach within the healthcare industry can have significant financial and reputational effects for the targeted company, but the outcomes for impacted patients can be devastating due to the nature of the stolen information.

Coalfire is a nationally recognized leader in cybersecurity for covered entities and business associates. We offer a full suite of risk management and compliance services designed to improve your security posture and protect the data under your care. For healthcare organizations of every size, we provide a proactive, balanced and integrated approach to risk management.

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